5 ways to close a sale and stand out in a competitive market

1)So yesterday someone asked me a question on one of my posts, she said why do you want me to listen and not talk about my business to a prospect once i get an opportunity to?

My response:Do you go to a doctor and he starts telling you all the great drugs for you without listening to your complaint? The sale is about the customer not you, even if you’re collecting money from them, ultimately you must meet a need before you collect the money.The importance of listening in order to close a sale and stand out cannot be over emphasised.Your prospect is being prospected by plenty other sales people, why should he choose you?
Once you answer that question then you would fully understand why you have to listen before you pitch.

2)Sell the outcome not the process.:Think of the perfect Elevator pitch and insert it here, simply put what experience does the customer get from using your product?
Instead of saying I am a relationship coach(if your prospects is probably having marital issues)
Selling your outcome means you tell them how and what you help them achieve.
Better way to put it is (I help married people at the brink of divorce sort out their differences,so that they can get their juice back and live happily after )

This way your customer knows what he will get from buying from you thus your business stands out in his head.

3)Be the value not the lowest price:so a lot of business men assume that customers love it when it’s cheap (not at all).
A 5 year old knows that her indome which is 70bucks is way better than any other nodules of the same size which is 50bucks, is she thinking about the price?No she’s cares about the value indome brings to the table.
So before you start worrying about pricing, focus on how irresistably valuable you can make your product and price would defiantly not be an objection. …
I gave an example of a relationship coach earlier, once you’ve told the prospect that you help couples at the brink of divorce get back their grove and he is at that place, do you think he will be pricing you like pepper? When people begin to question your pricing,simply look at your value proposition. ..

4)Recognize the buying signal :Know when to pitch, don’t get carried away in the moment whether it’s an online or offline conversation, once the customer starts mentioning your product as though he already bought it, then that’s a signal.
Eg would size 8 and colour yellow suit me? It’s time to pitch.
Or when you hear do you have a payment plan? Or how much does this cost?
Please pitch your sale.

5)Finally ask for the sale.;After all is said and done, bring out the contract paper, or hand him or her the account number already. ….close it, don’t assume after the buying signal has been seen, just ask for the sale…..

If you apply all this tips, you definitely would be closing a lot more sale no matter how competitive your market is.


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