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My name is Just Ibe and I am ‘The Sales Guru’.

I am the Lead Consultant at The Just Ibe Company, and a polymath. What this means is that my skills set is vast, ranging from public speaking and entrepreneurship, to life and business consulting. I apply my plethora of experience in helping individuals and organisations to bridge the gap between potential and performance.

I am currently an MBA student of South Wales, United Kingdom and have authored 3 books. For the last 7 years, I have worked in one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks and so I know the vicissitudes of the corporate world. I am also a seasoned entrepreneur; the first time I started a business ten years ago, it failed woefully. Since then, I have started six other businesses – two failed, again, three are thriving partnerships and I currently manage the last two.

I founded The Just Ibe Company to teach women how to turn their passions and talents into profitable ventures, using the lessons learnt from my successes and failures. Over time, my company’s primary goal has evolved into empowering 10,000 entrepreneurs annually, and we do this by leveraging training, consulting and a talk show. We speak to professionals at all tiers of the corporate leadership, we also train and administer courses to organisations, entrepreneurs, and people who are generally in pursuit of a fulfilled life and increased bottom line.

As a wife, mother, banker and business coach, I am proof of the productive combination of business, career and a happy life. And I can show you HOW.


Who Do I Serve?

1) Do you need to Ace your career game? Becoming visible in your organisation thus providing an avenue for you to become almost indispensable and getting promoted while at it?

2) You are in need of a business idea or have started a business and lack the skills to making your business visible (ability to represent your business and or brand) and increasing profitability?

3) You are overwhelmed with work and are unable to create a balance between your personal and work life thus feeling stuck?

4) You need to bring your employees up to date on the skills and values required to move your business to the next level? Let us bring them to industry standards.

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