An intensive 3 weeks group coaching targeted at helping you unlock your journey to Purpose discovery, deployment and domination.

Hello World changer,

I'm Just Ibe

Everyday i wake up to messages from people wanting to know what their lives was created for and how they do can be a part of the change we desire in our world.

so many people in a bid to discover purpose go about it the absolute wrong way thus creating short circuit solutions that almost sets them up for frustration and eventual abandoning their new found paths.

Its one thing to find purpose, it is another thing to create deep seated global solutions that the world will search you out for.

Men like Nehemiah, Joseph,Daniel and many others who set groundbreaking records in infrastructural development, economy and politics accordingly knew very well that there is a specific way to BUILD OUT frameworks that transform lives,nations and the world at large.

As a student of both the scriptures and the school of the spirit ,i have been sent to help you do 4 things in the next 3 weeks starting November 2021.

1)Discover your gifts, talents and purpose

2)Deploy these talents by teaching you how to BUILD according to Gods design especially for our world, in this week we will show you how to break down a complex problem into small problems that can be executed in PHASES thus deepening your impact and influence within a short period of time.

3)We would focus on showing you how to replicate an ARMY that will BUILD simultaneously alongside you either as CO-LABORERS or an individual platoon leaders carrying a different part of the assignment.

There is an art of distilling a vision into a group of people that enables them to run and produce massive results.

4)At the last day of this bootcamp we would have an ACTIVATION VIGIL where we truly invite God to ACTIVATE men and women into rapid execution with supernatural strength and convictions .


My name is Just Ibe and i am the AGGREGATOR upon which the AFRICAN continent would be BUILT,this means one of the many things i have been sent to do is ACTIVATE men and women across the globe to pick up their assignments as we STRIVE TO BUILD in partnership with GOD the AFRICAN continent.

Our classes would hold every friday at 9PM for these 3 weeks and at the end of these 3 weeks you would be ready to DEPLOY yourself and the assignment God has put inside of you.

As extras for joining THE ACTIVATED TO LEAD BOOTCAMP ,you get ACCESS to one of my best resources yet for FREE, this class on its own has transformed thousands across the continent.

GIFT 1:DEVELOPING YOUR VALUE system is a 3 hour class that will break every limit that has held you captive be it impostor syndrome, self doubt, mediocrity and the list is endless.

GIFT 2: You also get another signature course for free titled:AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT,THE ROLE OF AFRICANS:a step by step blueprint for getting involved.


The best part is at the end of this bootcamp you get a chance to be one of the first people to join THE KINGDOM INFLUENCERS CIRCLE, the biggest chunk of my work happens here, where we mentor and raise Global leaders for 6 complete months.


Enough of the gifts,let me show you how to join .