The Reposition your Business Coaching Program

A One Month Personalized & Intense Coaching/consulting Program for Entrepreneurs & CEOs of mid-level or upper Echelon who are ready to Launch and Grow their REVENUE using the “MAOPES FRAMEWORK”

Does this Sound Like you?

You’ve been working so hard day and night to make your business work but you’re not sure if everything is falling into place the way you want it to be

You’ve Implemented a lot of strategies but cant seem to achieve your level of influence over customers not break into your desired REVENUE bracket.

You simply desire a creative way to solve old problems in a way that differentiates you from the pack and brings a steady flow of paying clients.

You Feel The Market Is Saturated And The Competition In The Marketplace Is Too Much For You.

Your Competitors Who Are Not As Experienced As You Are  Yet Making So Many Sales While You’re Are Still Trying To Figure It Out. 

You desire to sit with your OWN teacher for the season to show you the GOLD MINE in your business and show you how to extract it and LEVERAGE it for OUTSTANDING results.

You’re Trying To Cut Through The Crowd To Get Your Business To Stand Out And Make More Money.

Are you Tired of SLEEPLESS nights and Ready for the Next Level In your Business?



A few years ago i was a struggling entrepreneur who had ventured into 14 plus businesses starting from my first day in university, i believed so much in my own hard work and it paid off on several occasions.

Last year i had an Epiphany and i saw how my operating from a place of PHYSICAL STRENGTH has shortchanged me and the clients i have been coaching and consulting for.

I was introduced into a WISDOM that trumps everything any man could ever produce and in just 6 months of this realization i produced results that together trumped my 14 plus years of being in entrepreneurship.

I went on to consult and coach clients from this WISDOM that changes everything and my clients have been literally transformed and birthed dreams that they never thought they could in the shortest possible time.

I have uncovered SOLUTIONS that once unleashed in your own business, together we will marvel at the kind of RESULTS God will birth through you.

I know what it means to toil all day, but i have been sent to give you REST while you prosper beyond your imaginations in this business.



The Reposition your Business Coaching/Consulting Program

A One Month Personalized & Intense Coaching/consulting Program for Entrepreneurs within the mid-level and upper Echelon who are ready to Launch and Grow their REVENUE online using the “MAOPES FRAMEWORK”

The Reposition your Business  Coaching Program is what you need to get all the support and strategy you need to launch and grow your business to a desired higher level. When you enroll today, you’re given a customized, step-by-step EXECUTION BLUEPRINT to follow that’s as unique as you and your business are.

In this Exclusive Coaching/Consulting Program, you will Discover:

Just imagine being finally able to:

Make more Money Online and offline monthly and have the freedom to do what you want and afford what you want

Relieved, Confident On What To Do To Generate Sales In Your Business And Increase Sales Over Time

Be Consistent with hitting 7-9figures and more Income Goal in your Business

Be Seen As THE sought after Authority and Number 1 in your Marketplace

Successfully Launch Products that would Be Accepted Whenever you Bring It Out Without Objections

And more...

Who is this Coaching/consulting Program for exactly?

Manufacturers, supply chain and management industry,Logistics,Agriculture industry, food and beverage industry,Coaches, Designers, Personal Shoppers, Cosmetic Industry, Fashion, And Lifestyle Industry.

It is also for Service Businesses Like Coaches, Fitness Experts, Consultants, Copywriters, Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers , Stylists, Bloggers.

Happy Clients Testimonials


CEO of Lagos Hair boss

Made $3.5k in the month of december after implementing the strategy from our last session,january is already packed with so much potential.Thank you for being in my corner.

My brand has grown tremendously in just 1 year of interacting with you in your different expressions.


CEO of Amani Hair

MADE $2K  dollars in one day after implementing and i am now planning to open my SPA from growing my business from home.

I now have my brand being distributed to other countries of the world from starting right in my home,not to talk of different SKUs added to my brand portfolio.

My greatest blessing is having you in my corner.


CEO of Scents Emporium

Making $5k dollars steady monthly from starting small.

My business changed for good after this program and i will recommend this to anyone serious about growth.

Meet Your Coach/consultant

My name is Just Omomo Ibe and i help entrepreneurs like you identify the missing link in your business, turn that into a solution and help you LEVERAGE it to shine like a star that you are while bringing in your best REVENUE ever. My approach is focused on identifying the markets that exist for you both locally and globally and help you position to leverage them excellently. In this working relationship we will deeply explore and leverage social and digital media for the best reach, impact and income within the shortest time possible.I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and i will be delighted to show you a possible destination mostly bigger than you thought and help you get there as God strenghtens us.

How to Join the Coaching Program Today

If you’re ready for Accountability, for me to hold you by the hand and show you to do business at a continental and global level while being positioned to Influence your sector and industry then this is for you.

₦7,500,000 or $10,000

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Payment Details

You can pay online with the big orange buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to




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