A One on One personalized Strategy session tailored towards businesses who do not have a profitable digital blueprint or are trying to Migrate their products and services digitally.



In Africa alone we have a market size of 1.4billion people which is the second largest market in the world valued at approximately 3.4trilion dollars with the largest amount of young and vibrant and capacitated customers daily looking for products and services who are within reach.

Because we pride ourselves as a research company we know how profitable the African market is, so if your company is not getting a huge chunk of this market share, you definately need to RETHINK your entire positioning and market penetration strategy.

In the last 6 years since our formal operations within West Africa we have helped thousands of small and mid level entrepreneurs and CEOs like you make cumulatively over 5million dollars as revenue within the local and global market.

After our session with you and your team, you will leave with a full blown working document to deliver your company’s desired annual revenue target once all indices are met.

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In this Exclusive STRATEGY session, we will also leave you with a complimentary Business transforming gift.

Who is this STRATEGY SESSION for?

Startup entrepreneurs who want to be positioned for profit from the START.

Existing entrepreneurs who are not hitting their numbers repeatedly.

Entrepreneurs who want to enter into new markets and need help with the what, who and how.

Entrepreneurs who want to create a digital strategy to AUGMENT their profit centers.

Startup,mid-level and Established entrepreneurs alike need this package to be positioned locally and globally to an ever DYNAMIC market place and we will help you do just that.

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Happy Clients Testimonials


CEO of Lagos Hair boss

Made $3.5k in the month of december after implementing the strategy from our last session,january is already packed with so much potential.Thank you for being in my corner.


CEO of Amani Hair

MADE $2K  dollars in one day after implementing and i am now planning to open my SPA from growing my business from home.

My greatest blessing is having you in my corner.


CEO of Scents Emporium

Making $5k dollars steady monthly from starting small.

My business changed for good after this program and i will recommend this to anyone serious about growth.

Meet the Consultant.

Just Omomo Ibe is an Economic Growth and Development consultant rebuilding the African economy through Entrepreneurship, youth employment, education and Trade.

She is the President of The association of African Startups a Pan African organization with membership presence in the 55 countries in Africa equipping Startup entrepreneurs with resources required to build sustainable businesses with a view to REBUILDING the African economy. 
She is a certified global Market intelligence expert fortelling market trends in sectors/ industries, nations and governments with a view to helping African economies compete competitively and comparatively with global economies. 
Lead consultant at The Just Ibe company, a management consulting firm with key focus on SALES, MARKETING, Digital strategy, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS,
Sustainable Economic development Strategy,Market research and intelligence More about her on

How to Join the Digital Strategy session Today

This is a one time PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL STRATEGY SESSION AND CAN LAST BETWEEN 3 TO 6 HOURS depending on the size of work to be done.

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Payment Details

You can pay online with the big orange buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to




After Payment through this method, Send us an email via and copy

Once we receive confirmation an executive will reach you immediately to proceed accordingly. 

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