Customers hardly see you today and buy from you immediately.

There is generally a sequence to follow and this sequence goes thus.

Awareness:They find out about you

Consideration:They have heard or read about you and they are interested in knowing more

Descision:They have followed you and have decided to buy from you but need the final nudge.



1)Educational Videos,this sort of videos tell you using captions like do you know?They are generally you giving us information on data,statistics and events that we may or may not know about in your niche market.

What this does is it almost automatically places you as an expert and allows the prospect want to know more about you.Remember you have to spark their curiosity.

2)How to videos:show us step by step how to achieve a great result using simple DIYs ,a typic al example is you showing us how to identify a fake land,how to draw your brows,how to do a body spa at home,how to draw a marketing plan etc.

This sort of videos further butresses your authority in the eyes of your audience.

3)Commercial Ads:Have you ever watched a top company commercial AD and seen them tell you come and buy?

No they will never do that,they tell stories,capture your emotions with the stories then flash their brands at the end of the story,that way you feel connected almost instantly to the brand.

I specifically love the AD of budweiser the one they did at a superbowl event in Brazil,its about one of the bests i have seen.

Go to YOUTUBE and search for this AD.

4)Explainer videos:Here is a detailed explanation of your solutions with a particular reerence on how it solves thier problems,what it releieves them of and what they gain in term of

numbers,lifestyle,relationship,investments depending on what you do for your customers.

5)webinars:Every Business leader must have detailed webinars that can b e used as the top most of their FUNNELS to build trust and establish AUTHORITY.If you are a Business leasers,Expert,CEO,coach,consultant your business may not stand the test of time without a

reliable FUNNEL.

A funnel simply means an assurance of LEADS coming in to your business that you can turn to customers.

EG school owners,Real estate owners/investors,small business Ceos,coaches and consultants,Traders,digital and social media marketers,Hr Experts,Bloggers of all categories and the list is endless.

MY TEAM AND I creates funnels in less than 30minutes and BOOM your business starts functioning as one.

6)Finally Product Videos:All the other videos have explained who you are and what you do(awareness),how they can benefit and why they should be attentive to you(this makes them consider you)then dscision videos(they decide to buy based on your products.

If you take your customers on a step by step using these methods with a RELIABLE CUSTOM SALES FUNNEL,your business will never struggle again,EVER….

My gurantees are 98percent if you do the work..

Want to get started send a mail to or simply reply this message however you find it.

If youre moved to reply,it is a tiny weeny proof that FUNNELS work and when you do,you will be blown away..

My name is JUST OMOMO IBE and i am THE SALES GURU.

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