The tools,strategies and mindset you need to ACTIVATE YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

Are you ready to step into the realm of greatness you only SEE in your dreams and visions?

Let me you a bit of my story very recently.

I have worked in one of the best financial institutions in Africa for an upward of 8years and in my 4th year I realised a trend that scared me terribly.
I had a great portfolio, comfortable office and was growing steadily in my career but I was living a mediocre life.
I was living from paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t even dare to do more without taking loans.
I was scared because at the time I had my second child and in comparison to my first we had to reduce our spending habit to accommodate our new baby. I literally started calculating food money, diaper money not forgetting the other baby. Drastically I had to cut down my baby girl lifestyle to accommodate this angels. I started seeing my comfortable life dwindling right before my eyes because my family was growing but I wasn’t growing.
Hmmmm, listen my dear sister and brother, it’s the scariest feeling ever to be so dependent on the last dime in your hand simply because you don’t have the ability to produce more from what you have.
I was restless..
I was scared…
I needed to grow…
I needed ability to produce more.


I prayed..
I found my gift.. 
I searched for avenues for growth..
I borrowed money to learn..
I bought courses.. 
I started implementing.
But I have just started..
A lady walked up to me on Saturday and said I sell hair but I know there is more, I feel uncomfortable and sometimes depressed , please what can I do???
This is for you if God has shown you a GLIMPSE of where he is taking you, yet you can’t PLOT THE DOTS. 
I have come with a 3 hour FREE WEBINAR to show you the tools, strategies and mindset to ACTIVATE your NEXT LEVEL..
This class is going to fill up so fast, so if you can tag your friends so they don’t miss this opportunity.
Startups, employees, budding entrepreneurs these WEBINAR is a blueprint God specifically gave me for the next WORLD CHANGERS, if you don’t consider yourself one, don’t join..


I'm Just Ibe


Just Ibe in 2019 helped over 1500 startups across the world create consistent revenue in their business. In 2020 she is on a mission to replicate this results for 20,000 African Startups.
As a trained management consultant she combines her experience as banker of 8years working with SMEs to deploy marketing and sales strategies that positions AFRICAN STARTUPS to grow businesses that they can totally rely on to build the AFRICA we desire.
She is said to be “the bridge between HUSTLE and GLIDE”.
Her methods and strategies are not typical as she works with a both the emotional and psychological aspect of her audience and customers to get them to get results.
She is currently a MBA student of University of South Wales United KINGDOM.
She leaves your audience with a case study of “If you can see it, you can seize it”.

She is Just Ibe and popularly referred to by thousands as The Sales Guru

What you'll Gain:

What is holding you down at that level you hate yet cant move,THE THOUGHTS,THE MODELS,THE ENVIRONMENTS.

A guide on how to make a clear list of the citations of your mind that will counter the things holding you back thus turning what you assume a disadvantage into a WEAPON.

The tools world changers use that set them on a pedestal everyone else wants to achieve.

The untold SECRETS to shut the noise and have a LASER FOCUS DESIGN for every area of your life.

The only SECRET CODE to ACTIVATE an entire body,soul and mind OVERHAUL.

A little EXPOSE into market and industry intelligence that lets you operate from a KINGPIN LEVEL.This is what is called SOARING like an EAGLE.

An insight into what would work for any GREAT THINKING MAN/WOMAN this decade.

The kind of people you need in your circle and the kind of person you need to become to attract them.




The tools,strategies and mindset to activate your greatest level of growth.

More Happy Students

You touched my life and business miraculously, even when the tasks seemed a lot you still pushed me and today my business sells itself, my success story is incomplete without you.
CEO of Bunaj Stitches
I have become unstoppable,my business makes money in several millions by just encountering you.God bless you ma.
CEO of Scents Emporium
Everyone around is asking me what is happening, they see my new drive, my new result, my new confidence and boldness to push my brand and they all want to be like me. I can't tell you how proud I am to have met you. You are my superwoman.
CEO of Amani Hair

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