When someone Buys from you it’s either of two things.

1)Your product meets an absolute need.

2)You appealed to their emotions and they picked you amongst the large crowd of similar business solutions available in the market.

So in order to build trust and increase your sales you need to be doing everything we would be discussing today.

1)Understand what your product does for your customer (Is your product/service a product market fit?). What problem does it solve it doesn’t matter if it’s a product or service you must be able to marry what you sell to a problem that your customers have.

E.g. if you sell bags, why should a customer buy a bag from you when he or she has a bag they are already using?

Is it because they need another one or because they want to attend an occasion thus needs a certain statement bag?

Or they need to be styled thus needs certain pieces to complete the kind of look they ae looking to portray? You must be able to say something that makes your customer know that you’re solving or relieving him or her of a particular pain point. When you are able to state categorically clear what you do for your customers, it automatically places a level of trust in your brand.

A typical example of those who sell braided wigs, a lot of celebrities are beginning to braid their hair so most young people are trying to emulate those looks, so your job is to capitalise on their desires to want to look and feel like those celebrities and tell them how your braided wigs will save them the time they would use in sitting down to achieve those looks yet they still get to rock it.

So follow the trends, turn on post notification on the accounts that set the standards when it comes to fashion and style then recreate those looks with your products. The idea is to create something that is new, fresh and tie it to the desires of customers to achieve certain looks.

So ask yourself today what do you communicate as your value to your customers both online and offline? Does it make them see your solution as that thing they have been looking for?

If it does, it’s easy for them to begin to build trust in you since they feel that you get them.


2)Brand your business: Every market you operate in has many competitors, so when we buy from you as against the other known brands we are basically trying you out and if for any reason what we hoped isn’t what we got, the likelihood of a repeat becomes almost impossible.

However, once you brand your business, your perceived value skyrockets in the crowded market place, people automatically begin to reckon with you as a serious minded and she knows what she is doing business and as such they trust you enough to want to buy from you.

Once you do brand your business the next thing to do is define your buying process.

Make it clear in your brand messaging or in your marketing/sales message.

A typical example is for a fashion designer that sells dresses, shoes and bags.

Select your item, make payment and take delivery within 24 to 48hours.Once you make it this simple you intending customers know exactly how they will get their products and that makes you credible.


3)Use testimonials: Don’t brag about your product by yourself, let someone else do the talking.

When you do please list the name and company if the customer agrees, if not use the testimonial anyway. If you are able to get the customer give you a video testimonial, then you need to also accompany it with a text so that those who can’t watch the video can see the text.

So your selling process must include a testimonial after customer has received order.

If you’re a start-up and yet to make sales, look for one person give them your product but make sure you know what you bring to the table then have them use your product and give you a feedback.


4)List out your physical address and use your picture: Especially if you sell products, people want to be sure that they are dealing with humans and these humans live in places verifiable.

Last week someone wanted to pay for my one on one strategy session, and before he did he asked me where my office address is, and I told him exactly where the address is so that he could verify if need be.

The minute I did that he paid instantly for the session.

Don’t be offended when people ask you these question because there are so many scammers online, so they must be sure that their cash investment is protected.


5)Speak respectfully of your competitors at all times. The market is very and almost saturated for all niches, thus the increased need for your customers to compare your offerings to that of competitors. Whenever you trash talk about your competitor it reduces your perceived value.

6)Relate with your customers: Relate with them on a very human level, no matter how professional your brand is you need to come off as though you’re their friend, care genuinely for them because once they see that you care genuinely they most likely would do business with you and would trust you more.


7)Be truthful: Be truthful about your solutions and their options, act as their advisor, when your clients can come to you and seek your opinion on matters then you most likely have gained their trust and they would always do business with you.

8)Have a good attitude; you must come off as very pleasant to your listeners and followers, any atom of attitude would make you lose your credibility and utterly affect your sales.

9)Tell stories and use examples: If you read and listen to all my online materials you would know that I tell stories a lot and I use examples because I want my prospects to imagine the solution I am creating as it relates to their current problems.

Once I am relatable they would trust me enough to want to do business with me.







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