HOW TO COMMAND ATTENTION IN A NEW/EXISTING MARKET build a tribe of hungry followers

Attention is the currency of SALES in any business and market where you find yourself, so while trying to hold the attention of people you keep offering valuable solutions then you can keep getting the sales.

This week we are going to focus on everything you need to move from not been Noticed/ignored to being observed, loved then been bought from.

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At every point in time people’s attention are held by constant factors and this factors can be used by all kinds of business you just need to apply it to your own brand.

You need to follow a series of steps to command and hold attention, I emphasise attention because if we are not looking we won’t buy.

1)Rebranding/re introduction

2)Photo shoot

3)HD videos/live videos

4)Vibrant energy level


6)Become a Subject matter expert.

In the next one week we will dissect this steps and how you can apply it in your business daily.

1)Rebranding/re introduction: anytime you notice you are   being ignored or not really getting people to pay attention you need to either rebrand or re-introduce your business/brand.

People get bored of eating one kind of soup everyday so you need to spice it up daily.

Whenever a graphic designer does a branding package for you request that they give you at least three social media template, such that once people start getting bored you switch it up to another design all from your brand package.

You could even design an entire new template like I am working on to suit the latest trends.

See innovations happen daily and you cannot live in past glory. So ask yourself is your former template outdated and needs to be redone? If yes please do so immediately, so that when 4 templates are on the explore page yours should be the go to one for people to open.

After this is done it’s important to REINTRODUCE yourself, by telling us what your business is really here for, at this time please brag about your results, drop names if need be and give us numbers that show the effectiveness of your solutions.

If you’re a skincare expert tell us how many women’s confidence, you have restored and how their lives became better just by using your product.

If you’re a fashion entrepreneur tell us how your clients have aced interviews, closed deals just by looking elegant in your pieces.

If you’re a service entrepreneur tell us how much you have saved companies and how much you have mobilised for them, we need this numbers.

Once this is done people become reassured of your solutions and begin to see reasons why they should join your train.

2)PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT: This means a HD version of your products/services and for you if you’re a personal brand. At this point if you’re a business owner and the face behind the brand is not known you’re doing a huge disservice to your business. We are approaching the GENERATION X and this people would not touch your product and service if there is no human face that is why there is an uprising of MICRO INFLUENCERS arising on an almost daily basis.

Your professional photoshoot creates an image of I am indeed ready to do business and it automatically singles you out from the crowd as people are attracted to shiny objects (yes most times customers look before they leap, it means we are attracted to open your image first then decide to buy if there is substance) so capitalise on it and do it right.

If you have a product range do a photo shoot of them and customise it, so that it gives it a larger than life personality.

Typical example is again, cosmetics, fashion, hair and beauty, service providers mostly should use a human touch. For service providers it’s important that you the face behind the brand already has it going for you so that others can trust you with their money.

You can’t be teaching people how to dress and look like drab, you can’t be teaching people how to design and cannot be creative with your feed, so incorporate the personality you want your business to be seen for and project it daily in pictures of both your product/service/face.

3)USE HD VIDEOS: In 2019 it was projected that videos will drive 70percent internet traffics with an impressive ROI (WORDSTREAM report) 51% of all marketers found video content most profitable, because 64% make a purchase after watching the video (tubular insights). In facts 4 in 5 people recall seeing videos in the last 30days( What this means is that your videos will leave a lasting impression on the minds of people if its value packed and best of if its HD.

Very recently I saw a video by @jordannwachukwu and I connected with him, from listening to him in his video to an almost two hours meeting over lunch to future businesses and referrals from me. His video content taught me something new that has saved me cost and increased my ROI, if you want to know how to use your IPHONE/ANDRIOD as a video marketing machine so that you can ditch all those pay me 5k to edit your videos, slide into his DM now and you will thank me for it.

Your phone can give you the quality of video you need if you learn how to use it, at least basic things must be in place to have a good HD video, see below

1)Great caption (Insert the solution to the problem you’re trying to solve)

2)Lighting, if you can’t buy a ring light use your rechargeable china light

3)Please dress well, use powder if you’re a guy so you don’t look sweaty and if you’re a lady please makeup neatly (doesn’t have to be professional makeup. That video is going to travel the world so how do you want to be seen in countries where you haven’t been to? This should guide the way you prepare for your videos.

4)Have a positive vivacious energy

5)Insert a call to action depending on what you want to achieve, which could be get people to tag others to see and follow, share, buy etc.

6)EDIT the video and put translations, while doing so insert your customised LOGO so that you own the resource.

Please take note that your phone is the tool for this you just need to use it well.

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4)VIBRANT ENERGY LEVEL: Remember that you’re trying to GRAB AND KEEP the attention of people  so your energy level has to move from docile to excited. Introduce yourself with an excitement like you just got a credit alert, your excitement shows you’re passionate about what you do and you can only infect us positively with this kind of passion.

You can’t sell what you don’t believe in, so if you believe in your product, by all means show it 100%.

People go on social media to do the following.



Get useful information


Make money.

Whatever category your customers fall in they want positive energy that makes their day/life and business better so incorporate it into your writing, videos, contents, campaigns, products.

In my upcoming webinar I will show you how create step by step campaigns that get people to pre order your products and stay hooked on your solutions.

Want to join the webinar send me a mail.

5)CONSISTENCY: Have you ever taken your time to count and observe how often and consistent the people you want to be like post contents?

Do you sometimes wonder what kind of people are this posting 10 to 15times daily? Oh yes some Influencers post way more than that daily.

I am not saying follow the crowd, but sit down and do a holistic view of the market you play in, what are the customers interested in?

How are they engaged by the top 10 in this niche where you want to play in?

If they engage 5 times so you know posting once a day cannot be acceptable enough to stand you out. Do you get the drift? This involves you planning your contents to the tiniest little detail.

First check your insights and see when your audience are most engaged and schedule your juiciest stuff for that time, you can use scheduling aps to make the process seamless.

Then confirm how to mix and match i.e where to infuse interaction, motivation, jokes, trending news and the list is endless.

Your consistency must have a strategy and this strategy must be repeated daily to command that attention in the market place and in turn give you SALES.

6)Become a subject matter expert: One of the key things to do when you’re trying to GRAB and keep attention is becoming a subject matter expert. See people’s needs change daily and your ability to OWN one popular problem and its solution will definitely stand you out.

In that industry or that NICHE, you can own a micro niche and micro blade that subject matter.

EG in fashion pick one category of women and focus on them, that is not to say you won’t service any other niche.

Talk about their features, challenges, solutions available for them in the open market place,

How yours is different, why they should pick yours, what the international community thinks about your solution and how it can help them improve lifestyle, relationship, income, influence and power.

If your contents are this narrowed down to these specifics, then you are creating a positioning so key it will impact in your bottom line in no time

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