How to empower the youths, create employment and spur economic growth.

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It is no longer news that our greatest asset in Africa is our increasing young population yet this advantage we are losing daily by the number of emigration to foreign countries for very obvious reasons.

This daily movement of human assets from where it is most needed to where work has been completed is daily knawing into the fabric of our society.

Consider it this way, these human assets who have successfully migrated have made it a point of duty to pull out with them thousands and maybe millions of more human assets also in a quest for better life. 

So we have a deeply rooted system pulling out our best hands, today i want us to reason together for a second and understand deeply the implications of these actions. 

The obvious impact is we are daily losing creative minds to transform our continent, but at the centre of this is the “lack of confidence in the black race and the eroding belief in our ability to independently BUILD” 

What does this mean?? 

We are transferring a subtle and obvious belief system into the younger generation thus continuously thinning our chances to raise people who will build this continent.

It also means that the level of mineral, natural and human exploitation we have experienced for centuries  is infinitesimal compared to what is about to hit us if we dont consciously and urgently reverse this trend. 

It also means that we will be constantly subjecting ourselves to be seen and looked at as a people who cannot help themselves so another convergence by the world super powers may happen again to determine how to help us do what we have failed to do, remember the berlin conference??? 

Allow me show you how bad this has become, we already have 5 year olds telling their parents they want to leave this continent, is this not the obvious proof that my earlier predictions on the impact of continuous emigration has truly settled into the minds of the next generation? 

Having said this, what do Africans need right now? 

1)The youth needs to be empowered 
2)We need to create employment 

3)We need to grow our economy rapidly 

The young people of Africa are the most creative minds across the globe and its evident by the number of young inventors who without any help have created things like cars, vending machines for voters, Agricultural production of hair,recycling waste products into fuels, coconut into charcoal for export and the list is endless. 

We have what is called Latent ability, talent and gifts and all we need is an environment that activates and catalyses it into tangible economic products and services that will benefit them, the Communities and their governments. 

How do we do this? 

Create learning and incubation hubs where this inventors or creatives can identify what each person has, merge them and create solutions to solve pressing needs in our society. 

Basically creating a think tank, an ideation hub and a community of mentors and coaches who hold them to create sustainable solutions that actually solve realtime African and global problems. 

It means our dear governments do not necessarily need to import expertise from the west if we put our all into developing our own young irrepressible think tanks. 

We want to help you save our money, so look inwards and do it urgently. 

HOW DO WE CREATE EMPLOYMENT AND GROW THE ECONOMY ?? 50% of SMEs in Africa drive the economy and the average SMEs employ at least 2 staff. 
The university system is our first point of contact if we must create massive employments for our youths. 
Every African University must incorporate technical and digital entrepreneurship as a matter of urgency into their curriculums. 
These curriculums have to be related to today’s world of Entrepreneurship not just research based. 

I also did a systematic research of  the average student of Entrepreneurship in Africa and i recognized that students of Entrepreneurship are also graduating with a certificate and looking for jobs. 
Entrepreneurship is a service to humanity not a certification and the only way it’s viable is if you can show what you went to study in tangible products and services. 
Simply put our students of Entrepreneurship must start, own and manage their own businesses as undergraduates so that when they graduate they are already employers of labor. 
When they graduate they are then incorporated into communities that nurture and grow business like The Association of African Startups where they are coached, mentored into giant African businesses. 
When this happens you have a huge percentage of graduating students adding actively  to the GDP by their business, by employing others and even paying taxes. 
This is also an active percentage of young people taken out of the job seekers population. 
The major causes of failed businesses in Africa isn’t just finance, it is the intangibles like grit, perseverance, mindset for growth, collaborations, that are hardly taught in most schools. 
Entrepreneurship is the future and in other for it to deliver the results we desire we must incorporate intangibles into our curriculums. 
In conclusion everyone of us have to get involved in this building process and i am actively calling on the private sector, individuals, governments of all the 55 countries in Africa to deliberately collaborate as we build our dear continent. 
God bless The United States of Africa. 
Just Omomo Ibe President The Association of African Startups. 

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