1)The first thing to consider is to create your own over the top customer response, you can do this by over delivering on your first client. Eg you were supposed to deliver in 6days you turn in the result in 3days.That is a top notch service and it will stay on the customer’s mind for an extremely long time.
This worked for me recently, a customer needed a service and has been to several consultants to get solution, in all honesty they made attempts that relieved him for a while but the problem resurfaced.
When I met this client he said to me I have been to several consultants and I know this issue cannot be resolved.
Let me give you this gist properly, from a review of this customer’s business model I already saw the problem and I saw the mistake his several consultants had been making.

• So I told my client give me 2days and I would revert with a solution.
• In 6 hours I came up with “the solution that my client has been running with for 7 months without problems”.
• Points to learn……We didn’t just solve his problem we over delivered. And from that same client I have gotten several clients.
• I leveraged this tip to stand out in my business. You too can do this with your business.

2)Focus on creating a relationship with your customer that imprints you on their mind as the go to person. It’s okay to have a website, mailing list, get referrals or even publicity.
• But focus first on connecting with them then all other means of advert can be done. In the end people would only care about what you have to offer if you care about them and if you have a solution to their problem.

3) Carve a profitable niche for yourself: Passion doesn’t bring home the bacon but solving problems does. In carving your niche make sure there is a need for your product or service and the consumers are readily waiting to buy because it meets their needs.

• 4)Make an irresistible hot offer to your customers. E.g if your product is 40,000ngn you could make an offer to refund this amount back to them if they refer 3 new customers, now that’s an offer that is almost irresistible. You have positioned both you and the customer as winners. This makes you stand out because the customer also feels you want them to make money just like you are.

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