My Top 3 tips to close any sale.

1)Call the prospect within 5 minutes:whether it’s an offline or online prospect it’s imperative to call them withing 5 minutes of encounter, let me tell you why.
i)when you go to an offline engagement whether a conference or a networking event that has your ideal clients in attendance, prospecting is sacrosanct. You must realize that just like you there are several other business men and women who are also prospecting.If you call the prospect(in emphasise calls)within 5 minutes of encounter and say things like it was so nice to meet you and I totally loved our conversation and enjoyed listening to your views on this subject matter, I look forward to getting an opportunity to talk a little longer with you.
This would cement you and your business in the prospects head thus reducing the effect other businesses would have on him, in most cases if you handle this very well, they wouldn’t listen to the next person that tries to reach out, because they would be looking forward to your call and conversation.

If it’s an online prospect whether instagram or Facebook, a typical prospect would be your likes and comments.
Sending them a message within 5mijutes makes them feel that your business would be very responsive should they chose to do business with you.Remember once people are on the social space they are surfing and looking for what they would love.Let me sight an example.

You posted a picture of a wig as a hair vendor and you get 20 likes, sending these likes a message should sound like this.

Hi(their name on the platform)thanks for showing interest in our product (use a one liner phrase to describe and elevate your product)perhaps our ombre coloured bouncy curls wig, would you love to see other samples if our products tailored to make you command attention everywhere you go? Or do you have friends who would be interested in seeing these samples alongside you?
In one sales call you have prospected the prospect, meaning that you have asked for a lead in one prospect. …

2)Ask questions for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the sales call whether online or offline.Sales isn’t a transaction , customers can tell if you’re using them as a meal ticket, so make sure that your sales call should show that you genuinely care about how your products would compliment your customers life and business.Ask them questions like.;
i)what do you do. ?
ii)how long have you been in business. ?
iii)what are your business challenges?
iv)How have you attempted to solve them in the past?
v)Did it work, where are you at right now, what do you think your business needs to thrive and grow. ?
Spend the first 10 to 15 minutes asking open ended questions, don’t be in a rush to pitch oooo, there plenty time . When you do meet with rejections, don’t be defensive, retreat and use questions to get your prospects to either understand your products offerings or to make them decide they need it.


3)Finally wait for the buying signal before you close, a buying signal sounds like this.;so what’s the price, how is your product different from xyz, how soon can I have it delivered to me? Etc.
Make sure to keep asking the right questions till you get the buying signal.


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