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Own Your Hustle?

Learn how to Test, Master, and Conquer Business Myths


Own Your Hustle

An Early Beginning to Testing, Mastering, and Conquering Business Myths

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When I started out online, I wish I had this kind of training. It would have saved me from a lot of stress, confusion and hassles in my business. Even if you’re just launching out your business on social media, this would be super helpful for you in making sales daily on social media.

Here's Some of What You'll Discover in this Book:

  • This book speaks to peculiar challenges in starting and growing a business in Africa and other parts of the world,it shows you the mistakes that are sabotaging your revenue and causing you to be frustrated in your business.
    Every startup or undergraduate who reads this book would have an unfair advantage over their peers as this is a business handbook designed for quantum leaps.
  • My assurance is that your success rate by at least 60% if you take massive action.
  • Finally this book will feed your focus as you would almost be certain that if the character TARI could do it,you too can 100%

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