The world is not on holiday,your customers need you in their faces giving valuable and trans-formative contents,LET ME SHOW YOU HOW.


Digital marketing that converts to sales and turning enquiries to sales during and post COVID 19


FEAR IS NOT OF GOD,because he has created a way already for you out of this storm.

I'm Just Ibe and i bring you hope and a way out for your business today.

Aren’t you tired of the hopelessness being spread across the world?
Truth is COVID 19 is near its end, I am sure you can see the statistics. In Lagos alone people are being discharged by the day and we are grateful for this.
These events have forced so many businesses both startups and budding entrepreneurs to not only lose money but are now at a risk of losing their businesses.
The truth is you have such a short time to make a difference both for your business and to remain relevant but I know the struggle to even put out content, what to say, how to convince people to buy without sounding insensitive even when you can see your bank account depleting by the day.
Fear will begin to creep in if you are spending money and money isn’t coming in and worse off when you have no plans to make money come in.
I can’t guarantee you plenty SALES during this lock down because just like you, your customers are holding on to their money.
Because of this I am bringing a certified Google trainer to show you the ropes and help you navigate the streets of digital and social media. 


But my assurance to you is this

1)You will banish fear completely by creating a clear road map to get your customers eyes on your feed and wait for the lock down to be over so they can buy from you.
2)You  will understand what and how to create valuable and transformative contents for your customers thus gradually positioning you for patronage during and post COVID-19.
3)Those enquiries you are getting now, that keeps saying let me get back to you after COVID -19,we show you what to do to make sure you keep them waiting on you or even collect the money now.
4)How to leverage the digital world to reach your customers.
5)Digital marketing that works in times like this.
This webinar is highly discounted considering the different resources we are bringing to you so we are keeping it affordable for only 72 HOURS after which the price triples. 
Between 13th-30th: N15,000/$36
 For Direct transfer,Please make payment into 6060218080 fidelity bank just Ibe show and send proof of payment to
In 72 hours the link for #5,000/$12 goes down.

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