An 8 weeks coaching program that prepares you and your business to take your own share of the global currency in 2020.

Does this Sound Like you?

  • Have you worked as an Employee for several years and is beginning to question your relevance and asking questions like WHAT NEXT?
  • Have you recently started a business to earn extra income or chase your entrepreneurial dream yet you are constantly dissatisfied with the level of influence and money you are making both online and offline?
  • Have you recently been looking around social media and are daily inspired and motivated by the great work others are doing plus the recognition and rewards they are getting,and a part of you is asking,WHEN WILL IT BE ME TOO?
  • Have you been told by anyone(friends,relatives,spiritual leader)how great you will become,yet you are not seeing the MANIFESTATIONS in your life and business?
  • Have you tried different courses,youtube videos of mentors both home and abroad,networking event and something still feels not good enough?
  • Have you started different businesses in the past yet dropped them all half way without following through?Are you finally ready to build something you can be proud to call yours and would be proud of?




  • Sometime last year i had a proposal i needed to show a CEO of a budding real estate company, so we fixed an appointment that i assume he obliged out of courtesy(lol),during that meeting i was confident in my abilities to deliver and i showed him a curriculum i had prepared for his company.Oga said i will review and revert then gave me his personal number to reach him on.I called him 3 times after this meeting but he never picked nor acknowledged my calls,did it hurt me?It hurt like hell and do you want to know why it HURT?
    Two weeks later i saw the same CEO who did not take my calls after our meeting hire my competition to do the job i had pitched for simply because he was positioned as the GO TO in that space at the time.
    I felt not good enough,i felt brushed aside,i felt disrespected to say the least.The funny part is i knew i was better than the competition but who cares right? When i shared this with my husband, do you know what he said?
  • He said no offense SWEETIE go and build from ground UP,go and RE-POSITION yourself so that you wont CHASE,rather you ATTRACT.This became my MANTRA for 365 days,i grew and i grew 360 degree.
  • I went back to the drawing board and identified 10 things my competitor had that will continually put him at an ADVANTAGE over me if i dont do something quickly about it.These 10 things are the CRUX of this program.

Are you finally Tired of being IGNORED for your craft and are you ready to TAKE YOUR POSITION at your own STAGE so that you can rise to a level playing ground with your competition but most importantly attract foreign currency and opportunities?


The RE-POSITIONING 2020 Coaching Program

An 8 weeks coaching program that prepares you and your business to take your own share of the global currency in 2020.

The RE-POSITIONING 2020 COACHING PROGRAM is the only blueprint you will need to master in order to POSITION YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS to be sought after,Command INFLUENCE,build a TRIBE and attract global currencies.

In this Exclusive Coaching Program, you will Discover:

  • THE 3 PARTS formula for differentiation and DISTINCTION amongst the CROWD,this is the first RULE to RE-POSITIONING
  • THE 5 things to do daily/weekly that will create the habits and patterns in your life that will produce the results you have not been able to achieve in several years in a few months.I am a perfect example that these 5 things work.
  • The areas of your business that are the PLUGS to unleashing your MASTERY,INFLUENCE,AFFLUENCE in the shortest time possible.It is not how hard you work,it is how DIRECTIONAL you can be.Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path(there are certain spiritual principles that Plunges you to the top faster than your effort will ever take you in years.)
  • The hidden systems to building great communities that will become raving fans and work with you to propagate your AGENDA or MISSION in 2020.
  • How to kill the SHAME and dare to do what others in your industry will not do for fear of criticism(UNUSUAL STRATEGIES)
  • The exact tools to identify where or what you are failing at that is keeping you where you are and what to do to ELIMINATE those things.
  • HOW to build your WORLD with your WORDS,in 2020 i have manifested 3 of my greatest goals which includes planning an African tour conference just by my words and in this program i will teach you my exact blueprint.
  • How to go viral using videos,even without running sponsored ADs,this is my CUSTOM VIDEO MARKETING strategy.Videos will speed up your positioning and increase SALES by at least 82% and for this singular reason dont miss this program.
  • In 2020 if you want to go fast go alone,if you want to go FAR collaborate.This key is so important yet so delicate,it is important you understand the most important things to look out for,what kind of agreements to sign and how to ESTABLISH what your expectations are.I have seen people go down the drain for just getting this wrong so dont miss RE-POSITIONING 2020 for this reason.
  • My weekly Follow up,and fire igniting videos to keep you accountable.
  • And so much more…

Here is my Personal Gurantee to you!

At the end of this program you can almost predict with PRECISION what you would have achieved in 90days and actually see yourself getting those results.

You will become too important to be ignored and your opinion will matter because of the magnitude of the fire burning within you and the VALUE you will be emitting.

You will enter into a level of transformational wealth,wealth that comes naturally by addidng value to people whether free or paid,i will break this down in our coaching program,it is a PINCIPLE that no one will ever teach you but i will show you how.

Be Seen As THE sought after Authority and Number 1 in your Marketplace especially in the sub niche you may have picked.

The struggle to sell your products and services will be a thing of history as customers will be the ones chasing you with their money and go as far as saving to patronise you.

You will be able to NEGOTIATE from a place of power,confidence and value so that your SLOT will not be given to someone else.

Who is RE-POSITIONING 2020 Coaching Program for exactly?

EMPLOYEES,STARTUPS,BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS and anyone who has seen a VISION of where they should be in LIFE yet their current situation is an absolute DISTANCE from their REALITY.


Happy Clients Testimonials


CEO of Idialace

We met at a time when i was asking God for a teacher and since meeting you,i have identified who i am and why this business is a mission  not just a PRODUCT,we have come up with a campaign in partnership with top celebrities in kenya to bring to FORE a pertinent issue affecting women.It is amazing how my supposed fashion business has a message that is now beginning to REPOSITION ME to attract national and international voice in the very near furtue.Everyone needs to join this program.


CEO of Amani Hair

Last week my family who by nature are so reserved called me and they all wanted to know the secret behind my new DRIVE to take over the world.Everyone around is asking me what is happening, they see my new drive, my new result, my new confidence and boldness to push my brand and they all want to be like me. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have met you. You are my superwoman.I am truly REPOSITIONED for global opportunites and currencies.


Medical practitioner(United Kingdom)

 I am a medical practitioner based in the UK and for the longest time i have always felt social and digital media wasnt for me because i thought i had a distorted speech,this singular MINDSET made me a spectator when others were building EMPIRES online.After i met Just Ibe and enrolled for her program,i literally in less tahn a month saw LIMITATIONS break,i started putting myself out there and showing the world what i know that puts me at an ADVANTAGE,i am not where i want to be but if i continue at this RATE in less than  months i will be UNSTOPPABLE.So if you are reading this today and you feel like everyone else has left you behind,then ENROLL for RE-POSITIONING 2020 and watch your life and business in the next 2 months.

CEO of Yoyo Beddings


When i reahed out to Just Ibe,all i really wanted was to be able to make massive SALES in my bedding business.At the end of the program not only did i experience a level of SALES i have never had but i became positioned.I started getting requests and inquiries from customers asking my opinion as the expert on issues surrounding my INDUSTRY,truth is when you execute you will see MASSIVE results both in your life and business.If you are tired of MEDIOCRITY,please sign up for this class NOW.


CEO of Rhode Collections

When i enrolled for this program,at the time i honestly didnt understand how big i could grow as a BRAND,i was limiting myself to my existing customers so it kept me always under pressure not to lose customers.

After month 1 iwe now have LAUNCHED an entirely new collections,we have organised our DEBUT RUNWAY show,where all attention will be on our brand and we have started creating designs that the contemporary world can use.It has been an interesting ride for me and better so one i would advise any and every entrepreneur who wants a POSITIONING that opens you up beyond your immediate environment to join NOW.

Meet Your Coach

Just Ibe is the Lead consultant at The Just Ibe company, a management consulting firm with key focus on SALES, MARKETING AND BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, Co founder of INSCRIBE Tech, a startup Tech company revolutionalising content creation, distribution and Sales. In 2019 she helped over 1500 startups across the world create consistent revenue in their business. In 2020 she is on a mission to replicate this results for 20,000 African Startups. As a trained management consultant she combines her experience as banker of 8years working with SMEs to deploy marketing and sales strategies that positions AFRICAN STARTUPS to grow businesses that they can totally rely on to build the AFRICA we desire. She is said to be "the bridge between HUSTLE and GLIDE". Her methods and strategies are not typical as she works with a both the emotional and psychological aspect of her audience and customers to get them to get results. She is currently a MBA student of University of South Wales United KINGDOM. She is SPECIFICALLY graced with identifying the ONE THING that serves as the BRIDGE between what you DESIRE and your RESULTS. She is Just Ibe and popularly referred to by thousands as The Sales GURU and The President of African Startups.

How to Join REPOSITIONING 2020 Coaching Program Today

If as at this minute you are reading this and your spirit tells you,its time for the world to hear your voice,its time for that small business you do to bring you before kings and queens,its time for you too to be positioned as an Expert doing what you love while earning different currencies,then you should click on this link NOW.


  • One Admission to the Repositioning 2020 Coaching Program for 60 days
  • 1 weekly download of PURE wisdom with weekly worksheets and 1 Group Coaching Calls monthly.
  • Accountability Private Facebook Community
  • Step by step implementation using templates and worksheets.
  • Personalized question and answer during our group coaching calls tailored specifically for your unique Business Needs
  • You can either pay once or in 2 installments as seen in the link below.

Payment Details

You can pay online with the big orange buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to




After Payment through this method, Send us a message on Whatsapp 08085901597 or Please click this Button Below to send us a payment proof on Whatsapp.

All Registered Members will be given access to the program added to an Exclusive Coaching Group Online 

Frequently Asked Questions

It's Too Expensive, I Can’t Afford It For Now

Think about this, how much time, money and energy right now are you wasting if you don’t finally get real daily results in your life and business. This investment is worth its value and more if you put in the work.

Would It Work? Will I make Sales WHILE POSITIONING MYSELF?

97% of my Client double their revenue in the first month of our relationship. 95% bring at least 2 of their friends to me

Would You Hold My Hand And Keep Me Accountable?

The whole essence of this group coaching program is accountability. The program will be  tailored to your business and personal needs for growth

How long is the Coaching Program?

This Coaching program will run for just one month online, exactly 60 days.

Is it for people just starting out online?

Yes, this Coaching Program is also for people starting out and launching their business online or who havent even started but have an IDEA.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

If you put in the work full timewith dedication and consistent, you woud get results.

What if I run a Physical Studio/Store/Shop, will it work for me?

If your business has a physical or online presence, this coaching program is also for you. It will better help give your business powerful positioning Strategies to get more sales and buyers online

What would happen after I pay?

After payment, please send a screenshot of your payment as proof to 08085901597 so you can be added to the Coaching group to get started.

What if I don't know tech, will it work for me?

If you’re afraid of tech or you don’t know tech, Be rest assured that this program is for you.

I live in another state/Country, Is this a physical Class? How do I join?

This Coaching Program is entirely online, I will personally walk you through the program going over different aspects of your life and business online for one month

How do i know if this is right for me?

If you love making money, this is for you. If you want to take your business to a higher level and feel more confident as you make more sales daily online, this is for you.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an email to

Payment Details

You can pay online with the big orange buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to




After Payment through this method, Send us a message on Whatsapp +2348085901597 or Please click this Button Below to send us a payment proof on Whatsapp.

All Registered Members will be given access to the program added to an Exclusive Coaching Group Online 

Still not sure if this Program is Right for you?

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