The Secret "SMS Formula" for getting Sales Daily

My Proven System for generating Sales Daily on Social Media without Ads Even if you’re new, you don’t like selling and don’t know tech. 

Are you Finally done with

But imagine You Finally able to:

Imagine Getting All of this using the powerful “SMS Formula”

If this is you, I used to be in your shoes...

My name is Just Ibe and I help entrepreneurs like you create irresistible offers that will guarantee daily SALES.

Truth is like you I tried to figure it out myself for so many years and I lost a lot of money and time that cannot be recovered and most importantly some opportunities that may never come again. 

With my 6 years plus experience working with small businesses like yours, I know exactly what would set you on the SAIL to SALES using the formula I discovered called the secret “SMS” Formula that is also helping my clients get 7 figures and above in their business.

I want to stop that NO SALES SYNDROME in your business, but it’s up to you, what is it going to be?

Throwback to when I was just starting out online and no one new me.

I did everything and went everywhere and it was all overwhelming with no Clarity. I felt sad and terrible, chatting with hundreds of people daily, yet little or no sales.

I wasn’t hitting my monthly income goal and it made everything worse.

I spent nights doing research, attended more seminars, paid millions for coaching programs, spent so many nights studying, until… 

Until I discovered the secret “SMS FORMULA” and NO! I’m not talking about bulk sms text messages. 

It’s a Secret Powerful system that when I plugged it into my business I “sold out!” My students and private coaching clients have also used this secret “SMS Formula” in their various businesses and they sell out too.



The Secret System To Starting & Launching Your Business On Social Media And Making Sales Immediately Using The “SMS Formula” Without Ads Even If You Don’t Like Selling And Don’t Know Tech

This program contains 12 Modules That Shows You Step By Step The Sequence To Follow And Apply To Launch Your Own Internet Business to get real results. In This Course, I Teach You All The Principles That I Have Used To Generate Over  200,000,000 In Sales For Over 1000 Entrepreneurs.

Here’s What you’ll discover inside the “Social Media Sell-out” Program

Each module contains step- by-step simple Video and pdf guides…

Who is this Program for?

Startup Makeup Artist, Coaches, Designers, Personal Shoppers, Cosmetic Industry, Fashion, And Lifestyle Industry.

It is also for Service Businesses Like Coaches, Fitness Experts, Consultants, Copywriters, Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers , Stylists, Bloggers, employees looking to start and grow their business. 

Startups Or Budding Entrepreneurs Who Can’T Seem To Understand What Their Competition Is Doing To Sell-out.

Happy Clients Testimonials

Everyone around is asking me what is happening, they see my new drive, my new result, my new confidence and boldness to push my brand and they all want to be like me. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have met you. You are my superwoman.
CEO of Amani Hair
Between Saturday and now my sales have tripled just by applying that one tweak as discussed, I am definitely taking more of her programs
CEO of Scents Emporium
You touched my life and business miraculously, even when the tasks seemed a lot you still pushed me and today my business sells itself, my success story is incomplete without you.
CEO of Bunaj Stitches

You will also get these Huge Profit pulling Bonuses for FREE, if you join this program today…


The Social Media Sell-out Private Mentorship Group

You will be added to our private Mentorship group for the program where you can ask questions and connect with like minds that want to grow just like you.

No man is an island and to hit your big goals, you can’t do it alone.


100 Attention-Grabbing Video Marketing Captions

You will get Well Researched Video Contents That Instantly Grabs Attention And Drives Sales. These are Content Captions That Generate 50% Increased Click Rates.

This is the Only Material That Gives You What To Post Everyday For The Next Three Months for more Sales Without Thinking Too Deep or stressing your head out.


Persuasion Offers Package: How To Create Persuasive Offers In Your Business To Persuade Anyone To Buy Even If You’re A Newbie

In this program, you will discover:


  • How Experts All Over The World Are Getting You To Pay For Their Programs
  • It Will Show You What Hooks And Offers Your Competition Uses To Get a Larger Share Of The Market
  • It Will Teach You The Only 3 Kind Of Offers That Sells All Over The World
  • This Is The Only Formula You Need To Block Daily Objections from Customers such as: “I Will Get Back To You, Let Me Think About It, Let Me Ask My Spouse, It’s Too Expensive” so you can always Close The Sale and walk away with the money.
  • This Program will also Show You How To Position Yourself As An Expert Even If You Are A Newbie
  • What To Say In One Post That Instantly Builds Trust In The Eyes Of Your Audience
  • How To Get Anyone To Give You Money Even If They Haven’t Met You Before.
  • How To Set Up A Simple Sales Funnel In Less Than 10 Minutes Using The Only Three Kind Of Offers That Sell Worldwide
  • How To Position The Offer So You Can Charge Any Currency You Wish For It Regardless Of Your Local Currency
  • How To Write Copies That Persuade Customers To Buy
  • How To Get People To Buy Immediately They Encounter Your Offer Using Testimonials.
  • How to Get The Chance To Increase Your Prices And Still Get Customers to pay you

And more…


Social Media Customers Magnet: How To Attract Paying Customers On Social Media

In this program, you will discover:

  • How To Identify Your Ideal Clients
  • How To Create Products That The Market Is Hungry To Buy
  • How To Model And Penetrate Your Competitions Strategy And Model It For Accelerated Results.

Listen to what Others are Saying

How to Join this Program Today

The Total Value of this Program is ₦150,000. The Value of the bonuses cummulative is ₦400, 000

If you join today, you won’t have to pay the total value of the program and bonuses which is ₦550,000 or even pay the market price of #275,000 to join this program, Instead, you will be getting in today for just ₦100,000. However, This Huge Bonuses will only be up for just 48 hours.  

After 48 hours, the bonuses will be taken down and the price of the program will definitely increase because of massive value I have shared in this powerful program.

Payment Details

You can pay online with the big buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to:




After Payment through this method, Send us an email to 

All Registered Members will be given access to the program added to an Exclusive Mentorship Group Online 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have bugging questions about the program?

Will this show me how to make sales in my business?

If you take action and you’re consistent with what you’ll learn in this program, you will get results.

Is it an online course or a physical Workshop?

This is entirely an Online Course. This is not a physical Workshop or event.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have access to this program for life.

Is it for people just starting out online?

Yes, this Program is also for people starting out and launching their business online

What if I run a Physical Studio/Store/Shop, will it work for me?

If your business has a physical or online presence, this program is also for you. It will show you how to use the SMS Formula to give your business powerful positioning Strategies to get more sales and buyers online

What would happen after I pay?

After payment, please send a screenshot of your payment as proof to 08085901597 so you can be added to the Private Mentorship group to get started.

What if I don't know tech, will it work for me?

If you’re afraid of tech or you don’t know tech, Be rest assured that this program is for you.

I live in another state/Country, Is this a physical Class? How do I join?

This Program is entirely online, You will get access to simple walkthrough videos and ebooks

How do i know if this is right for me?

If you love making money, this is for you. If you want to take your business to a higher level and feel more confident as you make more sales daily online, this is for you.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to message us on whatsapp and send us an email to

This Program is for you if:

Here’s Everything you will be getting today when you join the Social Media Sell-out Program



Payment Details

You can pay online with the  buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to:




After Payment through this method, Send us a message on Whatsapp +2348085901597 or Please click this Button Below to send us a payment proof on Whatsapp.

All Registered Members will be given access to the program added to my Private Mentorship Group Online 

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