Dear Mr/Mrs CEO, the reason your sales figure was the way it is for 2017 is because you skipped this Strategy. In this article I break down the 3 skills you and your team members need to have in order to sell anything successfully and burst your financial target.


SOUNDS LIKE YOU? Then read along.

Only 3 in 10 people have a combination of all 3 skills thus implying that we have left square pegs in round holes and vice versa. Your company/business has a sales team and each of them specifically have their financial targets which of course sums up the total financial expectation of your business.

As Employers we haven’t taken time to identify the individual strength in sales of each of our sales team. What I see a lot of us employers do is we recruit a staff, train them on the product/service they are hired to sell and boom throw them into the market to go and bring the money.


For some people it works temporarily and after a while were back to where we started from which is motivating them to sell sell and sell.

Do you want to have a sales team motivated all year round to sell?

Do you want to continually close all sales deals?

Do you constantly want to get steady stream of clients?

Do you want to learn the art of nurturing customers so much so that they introduce you to an entirely new set of market?

If yes, please implement this strategy below.

1) Be a finder: This is the person who knows how to source for customers or clients, either by networking right or smart, exchanging value based business cards, mingling with a community of people that has your potential customers and most importantly connecting with that one contact that could potentially introduce you to a whole new market.


This skill potentially has the power to change your 2018 business game by increasing your numbers exponentially.



2)Be a closer: what are the FAQS for your products and services, how well armed are you with the answers, how well do you know how to use questions to get the customer to sign the contract.?

It’s about closing the deal.


With this skill you need to know and wear their shoes so that you know exactly where it pinches them and offer that solution. By doing that you would definitely close the deal.


3)Be a developer: you must nurture your relationships in 2018, never let the business transaction be about exchange of money.


The earlier you realise that one customer is equivalent to seven figures the better for you and your business.


2weeks ago, just because I practiced this skill I got another lead to train a firm on business etiquette and that my friends is a whopping 6 figures, just by nurturing a relationship. .


So Call your customers and find out how your products made them feel, ask them how they are and how their families are area as well. The business that engages their customer will definitely grow.


Having gone through this steps, you should be able to determine who in your team members fit into each category and position them better for great business performance.


Not sure how to do this for your business, then book an appointment with us on our site.


Cheers to an outstanding 2018.


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