The names of God

Jehovah “Adani Datan”

And it was that the lord himself revealed his name to his daughter Just Omomo Ibe as she worshipped and fellowshipped with him.
During this encounter the lord instituted his authority once again as the glory and the lifter of my head.
The God of heaven and earth revealed himself as “ADANI DATAN” meaning the lord that creates and finishes work on a person.
This simply means the God that can take an ordinary person and make her a sign and wonder and lifts her in a way that men are compelled to serve her God, amen. 

This is seen in the revelations and blueprints he handed down to her and the great commission to REBUILD THE WALLS of Africa. 
God had again shown that if he finds a willing and malleable vessel he can wrought great works and righteousness through them. 

God revealed to her what is needed to REBUILD the African economy and she has gone ahead to assemble an Army to begin this great work. 
The results will be such that the world will see the great work and not only marvel but tremble before the God of heaven and earth. 

Author Just Omomo Ibe.

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