Dear Visionary!

Something very mighty and powerful was deposited inside of you and from the beginning of time and  the world has suffered greatly because you have not picked up your mantle, i have been sent to inform you to ARISE and stand at your post for a time such as this and the time is NOW!


Have you ever seen something happen and a very deep part of you feels terribly pained about it and that feeling makes you want to jump in and do something about it?

Have you ever seen a solution been created for a problem and you can tell from just looking at it that it will not work or will be short lived?

Have you ever looked at a problem or a people and feel a personal responsibility to make them better?

Do you sleep or wake up with burdens to serve with your gifts, talents,  resoureces etc? 

Do you sometimes feel the weight of a community, sector, industry, nation, continent rests on your shoulder ?You know that outright feeling that makes you feel things are deteriorating yet you could do something about them?

Have you been given solutions, blueprints, frameworks to solve the greatest problems in your world but you feel inadequate or unprepared thus you have buried these things?


Have you been given solutions, blueprints, frameworks to solve the greatest problems in your world but you feel inadequate or unprepared thus you have buried these things?


Do you have an idea or business but can not seem to develop and scale it beyond your immediate environment because you almost don’t know how it is going to happen?


Are you tired of your old results and is desperately in need of a NEW and COMPELLING way to solve existing problems that positions you as FORCE in your industry?


Are you multi-talented and have struggled with expressing them concurrently because of societal conditioning AKA being looked at as JACK OF ALL TRADES and as such have been suppressed ?


Early 2016 i started to feel a huge burden to do more with myself despite working in one of the multinationals in Nigeria and earning such a great salary and a happy home.

That feeling became so intense that as i was home nursing my 2 weeks old baby i told God i would not return to work if he did not show me why he put me on earth.

That question led me on a 5 year journey of discovery, implementation and BECOMING.

In these years i served the world with my gift, i made good money doing so and i became fattened in the income, impact and influence until God stepped in and said ENOUGH…

In 2020 God took me through a journey of really bringing out the visionary in me and these things have changed the lives of the people i was called to serve but most IMPORTANTLY AFRICA is blessed because this VISIONARY has been UNLEASHED.

Like me so many of you have seated within you the answers our world desperately needs and in birthing and scaling those answers lies your GREATNESS quotient.

You don’t need to stress to be great, you need to RADICALLY BECOME all that you have been called to do and the world would come to the brightness of your rising.

These next six months would be the most important time of your life if you truly take radical action NOW.


  • In the next 6 months i will personally walk and work with you to identify,Harness and turn what has been deposited inside of you into an ARSENAL for our world today but this time changing lives and making our continent/your continent and the world at large a better place.

We will cover the following during the course of the months.

1)Identify your mountains of influence and design a compelling vision for AFRICA or any continent you have been called to serve(most of you will belong to different mountains and you will understand how to build all concurrently).
2)Identifying problems on this mountain with clear indices for penetration, deployment and transformation both of persons and nations.Every framework is scalable to level of nations with the right guidance and by the grace of God i have been graced with this gift to interprete solutions to solve deep global problems.
3)Identifying and distilling the heart of God in usable systems for today’s relevance
4)Identifying channels of distribution both locally, regionally and globally
5)Designing a framework/blueprint  for  deployment both at individuals, companies and nations level.
6)Creating  actual products and services for people transformation, here we focus on Nomenclatures and value stacking that attracts beneficiaries whether they are individuals, organisations  or nations.
7)Deep Market penetration and partnerships
8)Ascending your mountain of influence I. E strategic divine collaboration
9)Dominating your mountain of influence, here we will focus on CUSTOMER (i.e individuals, organisations, nations )LIFE-CYCLE design.
10)Exerting governmental influence :leveraging your sector of operation, we would explore the different methods of engaging the government of the day with a view to transform nations.

   HOW      WOULD    THIS      PROGRAM      RUN?

We would have 2 group classes monthly with other high growth visionaries for high level partnerships and collaborations.

Our classes begin Dec 12th 2021 and into  May of 2022.