WHAT DOES MULTIPLE STREAM OF INCOME MEAN TO YOUR BUSINESS? A simple illustration is of cattle that has 2 Udders, a farmer can get the best possible result at a faster rate by milking the both Udders at the same time. Your business is like cattle that has multiple udders and milk is available to be pumped from all of it if you know how to.

The desire of every customer is to get goods and services at an affordable price, in a very timely manner and of great quality, this means customers wants to be saved time, money and given quality.

As a business owner how can you solve this problem for your customer?

How can you give your customer a ‘ONE STOP EXPERIENCE’, the sooner you figure that out and position your business as such, the quicker you can milk the cattle from all Udders…..

Have you ever visited an open market, precisely where foodstuffs are sold?

Do you notice how virtually everything you need to make a complete pot of soup is just in one vicinity?

These market women know that if you need ugu (pumpkin leaves) then you need pepper,etc.  so their proximity to each other helps you shop faster and probably saves you some bucks.

As a business owner your job is to position your business as that open market where all or most of your customers’ needs are met by one single quick touch…..


Make a list of the daily needs of your ideal customer as it relates to your business.

Identify how many of those needs you are currently meeting.

Clarify how it makes your customer feels going somewhere else to get the needs you are not meeting.

If you start meeting those needs how much extra income would you make for your business.

How satisfied would your customer be?

Listing these things would give you a clear cut direction as to how much you are leaving on the table and how happier you can make your customers.

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